Casa Noble Crystal and Reposado Tequila Bundle

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Immerse yourself in the intricate world of tequila with the Casa Noble Crystal and Reposado Tequila Bundle, two unique expressions from a renowned single-estate distillery.

Casa Noble Crystal Tequila is an unaged silver tequila that embodies the purest expression of 100% Blue Weber Agave. Triple-distilled and certified organic, it offers a clean, vibrant taste, where the raw agave flavors shine through - sweet, floral, and slightly earthy. Its smooth, full-bodied texture makes it perfect for sipping or shaking into a classic margarita.

Casa Noble Reposado Tequila spends 364 days maturing in French white oak barrels, emerging with a golden hue and a complex profile. This Reposado is a sensory delight, featuring notes of cooked agave, warm vanilla, and an inviting mix of spices, all rounded off with a hint of toasted almonds and chocolate. Sip it neat, enjoy it on the rocks, or mix it into a premium cocktail to fully appreciate its depth.

Together, these two bottles create a dynamic duo that represents both the pure, raw expression of tequila and the transformation it undergoes through careful aging. This bundle provides a fantastic opportunity to explore and appreciate the breadth of flavors found in tequila.