Maestro Dobel Atelier 'Charreria' Extra Anejo Tequila 2022

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Maestro Dobel Atelier releases a limited edition hand-painted collection every year using the traditional "alebrije" technique, which involves creating small figurines depicting fantastical creatures.
The 2022 collection, called "Charreria," pays tribute to the artisans who work with metals to decorate the suits, chairs, and hats worn by Mexican horse riders known as "charros." Oaxacan artisans have designed five different bottle labels inspired by the ornate charro suits.
The Extra Añejo elixir inside is aged in American and European oak barrels, imparting a unique blend of scents and flavors, particularly those of agave, vanilla, toasted almonds, and various spices. Each label includes information about the edition theme, the name of the artisan and the maestro tequilero, the date, and the number of bottles produced in that particular batch.