Nacional 1937 Cirial Joven Mezcal

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Nacional 1937 Cirial Joven Mezcal is a premium mezcal produced in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. It is made using the rare and wild Cirial agave, which is known for its delicate flavor profile and is often used to make artisanal mezcals.

The production process of Nacional 1937 Cirial Joven Mezcal is carried out using traditional methods, with the piñas cooked in an underground pit oven and crushed using a horse-drawn tahona. The fermented mash is then double-distilled in copper stills to create a smooth and aromatic spirit that embodies the unique character of the Cirial agave.

Nacional 1937 Cirial Joven Mezcal has a delicate and complex flavor profile, with notes of tropical fruit, citrus, and a hint of smoke. It has a silky texture and a long finish, making it a favorite among mezcal enthusiasts.

To fully appreciate the flavor and aroma of Nacional 1937 Cirial Joven Mezcal, serve it neat in a traditional clay copita. Take small sips and let the spirit rest on your tongue for a moment before swallowing. Savor the intricate flavors and aromas that unfold with each sip, and appreciate the artistry that goes into making this exceptional mezcal.